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Our History

The day was August 26th 1946. 40 interested Yumans gathered around the parking lot for the groundbreaking ceremonies taking place at the site of the new Yuma County nursing home. According to the Yuma Daily Sun newspaper, 80 residents boarded Yuma County school buses in February and made the move over to the new nursing home on Avenue A.

Fast forward to January 12th 2012; over 200 interested Yumans stepped into a fully remodeled Kissito Healthcare Palm View Rehabiliation and Care Center. Over 130 resdidents and patients were bright eyed and excited to share their new digs with their families and the general public.

Today Palm View remains the longest standing nursing home in Yuma County. The proud Yuman tradition of taking of care of elders remains strong and ingrained at Palm View.

With over 143 beds, 2500 square feet of therapy space, and numerous well appointed landscaped areas and common space, Palm View is remains a historic treasure to behold in Yuma, AZ.

Kissito Healthcare - Palm View

2222 South Avenue A, Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: 928.783.8831

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